Why Join The Retired ASC?


  • The ASC is an excellent way to stay in touch with your many friends and colleagues from your days of working for MPS.


  • The ASC continues to provide you with legal representation for any issues which may arise regarding your retirement benefits, health insurance coverage or other matters which occurred during the course of your previous employment.


  • The ASC publishes a newsletter on a regular and frequent basis to keep you informed of matters of interest, whether they have a direct effect upon you or are simply of professional interest.


  • There are two semi-annual luncheons for all members and guest.


  • The ASC provides two 15-minute consultations per year to discuss legal matter with ASC Counsel.


  • The ASC provides notary services and Angie’s List access for all members.


  • By purchasing a membership, you help the ASC continue its important role representing all members and working to improve the quality of education for MPS students. This is of vital importance now more than ever.

Download the Retired Enrollment Form