Why Join The ASC?


  • The ASC is the only professional organization representing the principals, assistant principals, and supervisors within MPS and the surrounding area. ASC is the common ground shared by all such employees, acts as the central place for gathering and resolving common issues and problems, and maintains strict confidentiality in all membership matters.


  • The ASC acts as your voice in the community-wide network of education professionals, universities, colleges, and the Department of Public Instruction . We represent our members in any matters involving certification, state policy mandates, and issues brought to our members by the individual and collective membership of the school board.


  • The ASC acts and speaks on your behalf at community meetings, including school board meetings, where issues arise which affect you as an individual or the organization as a whole. We actively lobby the school board, city government, and state government on behalf of our members, MPS, and the larger education community of Milwaukee.


  • The ASC represents you – and provides free attorney service for that representation in all matters related to your employment._ If you are called to a meeting with your supervisor, the superintendent, or the school board, we will be there with you, speak for and with you, advise you of your rights and obligations, and guide you through the various steps of the grievance procedure. We provide consultation and advice on the matter and act as your spokesperson throughout.


  • The ASC negotiates your retirement benefits with MPS and the Wisconsin Retirement System, provides consultation regarding retirement information, and offers individual counseling and retirement planning for all members.


  • The ASC publishes newsletters and to keep you current on all employment matters, whether they have a direct effect upon you or are simply of professional interest.


  • The ASC provides consultation for other employment and recommendations for other employers and school districts regarding our members upon demand and with the consent of our member.


  • The ASC maintains an ongoing relationship with other professional and labor organizations throughout the community, state, and country. We interact directly with the Milwaukee Labor Council. We maintain professional and collegial relationships with the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association, the Association of Wisconsin School Administrators, and the national American Federation of School Administrators.


  • The ASC provides post-retirement consultation and representation to our retired members in any matters relating to their previous employment with MPS. This includes the legal representation mentioned above when necessary in order to maintain our members’ rights and benefits. Additionally, the ASC supports the ASC/Retired organization which meets periodically.


  • The ASC provides free notary services and access to Angie’s List for all members.


  • The ASC hosts membership gatherings annually, including a Christmas Party and Spring Picnic. These collegial gatherings are free to members and give our members the opportunity to socialize and enjoy each other’s company outside of the work environment.

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